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Senior Portraits

If you’re a senior in high school this year, my heart goes out to you.  What a hand you’ve been dealt.  I know this isn’t the year you dreamed of having.  My oldest daughter is a senior this year too.  So, we’re feeling your pain.  I’d like to help capture your accomplishments with a more grand ending than has been delivered and do it without breaking the bank.  Let’s have fun with your senior portraits.  What best illustrates your personality and accomplishments?  What’s your launchpad into your next life chapter?  We’ll capture those moments on two separate occasions.  On one of those occasions, we’ll set aside time to get some great photos of you in your cap and gown. 



Senior Portrait Sessions                                                          $525


  • Two style looks (not including cap and gown)

    • Style consultation

  • Two different seasonal sessions

  • Two shoot locations

    • One location per session

  • 45 Minutes at each session

  • Cap and Gown photos at one of the two sessions

  • 40 Digital High Resolution Photos

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