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Who's the guy behind the camera?

The AntMan

It's funny what pictures can do, especially over time.  I've always loved looking back at old polaroids from when I was a kid.  While I might not remember much about that time in my life, I am taken back to that exact moment it was taken.  Now, I have the opportunity to capture those for others to keep for a lifetime!

For the last 20 or so years, my professional life has revolved around music, being that person who introduces country music fans to their favorite artist’s new music.  It’s fun!  There’s nothing like hearing a new song that moves me in some way and getting the opportunity to share that with others on the radio everyday.  There’s a lot of passion in music.  There’s nothing like the perfect song hitting you at the right time.  It ends up becoming a soundtrack in your life’s movie.

Much like music, a photograph can do the same thing.  Its that one single instance capturing that one moment in time that will never be duplicated again.  And just like a song, one photo can mean something different to a hundred different people.

Hope you'll follow along on this journey! Looking for someone to take family photos or new headshots? Hit the REQUEST A QUOTE section at the top of the page!

I look forward to capturing those special moments with you! - Ant

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